Welcome to the School of Missional Practice @ Missional University!

The School of Missional practice equips followers of Jesus, churches, and church leaders to enter the mission of God in practical ways in the contexts in which we live, work, play, study, and worship.

  • You gain an appreciation for the inseparable connection between missional theology and everyday life.
  • You learn to create environments in which non-believers can belong before they believe so that they will experience the life changing power of the gospel in community.
  • You also learn to enter the world in gospel-centered communities in order to incarnate the redeeming presence of Jesus where it is most lacking.

We emphasize both personal and congregational transformation, as well as transformation in the world through promoting righteousness in the community as an expression of Gospel-centered ministry.

The School of Missional Practice has programs that lead to a Certificate in Ministry, an Associate of Missional Practice degree, a Bachelor of Missional Practice (completion) degree, and a Master of Missional Practice degree. We desire to see every graduate become equipped to join God’s mission to transform people and places through Jesus Christ, as well as to mobilize others to also engage in God’s mission.  God’s gracious invitation to the church is to join him in that mission of redemption -- the School of Missional Practice will teach you how.

Our Academic Departments

  • Missional Living
  • Emerging Leadership
  • Urban Mission
  • Missional Congregations
  • Organizational Leadership

Our Course Subject Areas

  • BUS = Business as Mission
  • CHP = Church Planting
  • ELD = Emerging Leadership
  • MCG = Missional Congregations
  • MLV = Missional Living
  • ORG = Organizational Leadership
  • SPT = Sports Management Mission
  • UMS = Urban Mission Studies

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